• Jay McGuinness

Are you training injured?

Do you get wrist pain when doing push ups, chin ups, burpees, or bench press? How about knee pain when squatting? Or even lower back pain when running? Then this post is for YOU! . Gyms were closed for over 12 weeks during the COVID lockdowns. Many of you thought a break that big in your training would be long enough to heal any pre-existing injuries.. but now that we have been back training for a few weeks you might have noticed those injuries are still around and are preventing you from performing at your best. . Over the coming weeks, I will be releasing hot tips on common gym injuries and how to improve them! (Trust me, the majority of them won’t go away with just rest). . If you have an injury that is holding you back in the gym, or would like more information about an injury you currently have, send us a DM or book online @coastalfitness_physio . . . . . #jointhemovement #kiamadowns #kiamansw #coastfitnessmovement #physio #physiotherapy #southcoastnsw #gym #fitness #injury #injuryprevention

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