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Welcome to Coastal Fitness Physio!

Welcome to Coastal Fitness Physio!

My name is Jay McGuinness

I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2017 with a Masters in Physiotherapy. After uni I began working with some of Sydney’s top orthopaedic surgeon’s rehabilitating patients with ACL reconstructions, hip and knee replacements and all sorts of other surgeries. Since then I have been working in a largely sports orientated private practice developing my clinical skills to allow athletes to return to performing at their best. More recently, I have been appointed as one of the physiotherapists for the Cronulla Sharks Academy where I am responsible for the diagnosis and rehab of all injuries sustained by the players.

I look forward to working out of Coastal Fitness Movement where I will be using my skills and experience that has developed from treating elite and non-elite athletes to help anyone on the South Coast wanting to rehabilitate any injuries and perform at their best!

Interested? Message for more information or book in the link

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