• Jay McGuinness

Do you have WRIST PAIN when you’re doing push ups, burpees or lifting weights?

If you do, you’re not alone. Wrist sprains or injuries to the scapholunate ligament are among the most common injuries in gym goers and they rarely go away on their own! . The injury occurs due to repetitive trauma whilst your wrist is in extension. (Such as extending your wrist whilst doing burpees, push ups or lifting weights) . Pain presents in the upper side of your wrist and can reduce your movement and strength. You may also feel a “click” or have swelling . Treatment consists of minimising painful activities and performing gradual strengthening and stretching . If you suffer from wrist pain and would like to be able to do push-ups, burpees or lift weights pain free, DM us for more information or book online . . . . . #jointhemovement #kiamadowns #kiamansw #coastfitnessmovement #physio #physiotherapy #southcoastnsw #gym #fitness #injury #injuryprevention

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