• Jay McGuinness

Recovery is key

Recovery is the most forgotten about part of our training regime! . We spend so much time and work so hard during our training, but we neglect to spend any time or effort after our sessions to give our bodies the best possible recovery. . This ultimately leads to training at a lower potential and increases your risk of injury. . Foam rolling has been found to increase performance, flexibility and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. . Here Jimmy is seen foam rolling one of his major muscle groups (the quads). He has added in an extra stretch to increase the effectiveness of this recovery strategy. . To maximise your training, ensure you dedicate 5-10mins into recovery after each training session, and to get more out of your foam rolling add in a stretch to lengthen those muscles even more. . If you have any questions about foam rolling or would like to make an appointment, DM us or book online! . . . . . #jointhemovement #kiamadowns #kiamansw #coastfitnessmovement #physio #physiotherapy #southcoastnsw #gym #fitness #injury #injuryprevention #foamroll #foamroller #foamrolling

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