• Jay McGuinness

Do you get knee pain when you squat?

DO YOU GET KNEE PAIN WHEN YOU SQUAT OR RUN? . Patellofemoral pain is a common term used to describe pain in the knees. It is caused by overloading or overuse of the knee joint . Overload occurs when we do too much too soon. Unfortunately we are seeing a lot of this with everyone going back to their gym classes and sports without appropriate conditioning . The pain is commonly aggravated during activities such as running, jumping and squatting, but can also increase whilst going up and down stairs or kneeling . Symptoms often include pain, stiffness, swelling and weakness . Patients commonly present with complaints of knee pain whilst squatting and running. Treatment sessions focus on performing key exercises to strengthen muscles of the knee and hip without aggravating the condition . Rehab later focuses on gradually exposing him to running so he can get back out on the footy field pain free . If you suffer from knee pain whilst squatting or running, message us for more information or book online! . . . . . #jointhemovement #kiamadowns #kiamansw #coastfitnessmovement #physio #physiotherapy #southcoastnsw #gym #fitness #injury #injuryprevention #squat #knee #run

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